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In speranta ca nu am creat neplaceri, va multumim si va dorim auditie placuta alaturi de noi si programele noastre! 

Farshad Kay – Interview

 Hello Farshad, thank you for the time that you give us to have this interview wich will be a great oportunity for our listeners to know much more about, who Farshad Kay is. We know that you are born in Iran and because of that we would like totell us a little bit about how you discover electronic music in Iran?

I moved from Iran when I was 12 years old. In that time there was no electronic music, the only music you would hear was Iranian music with sitars and tablas. After I moved to the Netherlands I start to listen to electronic music and artist like artists like TheProdigy, Moby, Quazar and Masters At Work to name a few.  I really loved the energy in this style of music, which was uplifting and hypnotizing at the same time.

2.     When did you realize that you want to make music and starting to make your name known in this industry?

It was during a school party where I saw a dj playing for the firsttime. I was hooked by the way he was making the crowd dance andshout. I remember that I stood in the dj booth all night longwatching the guy playing music, scratching and MC-ing while the kids where jumping up and down and screaming for more. I knew from that moment that this was my future path. Making people dance!

3.  What can you say about the actual electronic music? Where do you think that this industry will lead to?

I think electronic music has never been that popular as now. You can hear it on any radio station and look at the numerous of electronic festivals which are getting more organized every year. Besides you can see that after the EDM blew up, there was a need for a subculture. And techno is the perfect opposite answer to EDM. In my opinion techno will become more mainstream accepted. 

4. You are now based in Holland and we would like to know what made you take that call to move there?

As a young boy I was dreaming to become dentist. Like now there is a lot of oppression internally and internationally, not the best place to grow up and have big dreams.  I was blessed that my aunt was living in the Netherlands and gave me the opportunity to come and live with her and fulfill my dream to become a dentist. Moving to Amsterdam gave me so much more dreams that I ended up playing and making music.

5.  Can you please tell us what skills does a dj need to have to be a successfully dj?

You need to have a very good selection of music and a good timing for beat matching. Having knowledge of effects on the mixer en how to use it during your set is very important. It’s not only about mixing two records together, it’s about telling story with your music and taking the crowd into a journey. 

6. Do you think that technology has some influences over the dj’s?

Yes,it certainly has a big influence. We have seen how we switched from vinyl to CD and now to MP3. When I started, you only had tone control for the high, mid and low frequencies on your mixer. Nowadays a mixer is full of effects, which you can use to make your set even more exciting and create new things with the songs you mix. If you look at it like this, you can’t admit the importance of technological development for us.

 7. You know that many people want to be dj now, what can you tell them when it comes to be a good dj?

In my opinion, as a DJ you are there to satisfy the audience and connect with them. Take them on a musical journey, but most of all, make suret hat your are having FUN! Make sure that you are well prepared when you go out to play. Know your tracks inside out, create playlists and make sure you know which tracks fit together well.  Try to surprise the audience by that gem which rocks the place,but no one has! This means crate digging and finding your own unique style and create your own identity as a DJ.

8. How do you feel to have your radio show broadcasted at IFM Radio Romania?

I’m honored that you guys gave me this opportunity, where I can present my view of techno on your station. I’m looking forward to my first show in February and hope that the listeners will enjoy it too. 

9. Any future plans?

In the beginning of 2019 I will have two releases out on Shibiza Recordings, which are more melodic driven techno. Of course I will present them in my future shows here with you! Some new collaboration with the Italian dj/producer Torgue will be created. We both have our own unique style. Imagine deep dark driven beats combined with warm melodic melodies. 

Besides I’m organizing some events in Amsterdam. Of course around ADE my yearly event Aquatone will return and my new concept Mayhem will see the day of light in summer 2019 on some various location in and around Amsterdam. 

Thank you Farshad and we look forward to listen your first episode of your radio show Aquatone here at IFM Radio from february 2019.

Pleasure all mine and looking forward to start in this great aventure with you guys! 

We are Creation Showcase at Club 16 | 15 Decembrie 2018

Se spune despre luna Decembrie ca este luna cadourilor, si aici suntem de acord cu voi. Astfel, prietenii de la We are Creation au un cadou muzical pentru voi, pe data de 15 decembrie 2018 la Club16, Bucuresti. Luand parte la acest eveniment, nu doar ca te vei distra pe cele mai cool beat-uri muzicale ale artistilor invitati, dar vei avea ocazia sa petreci pana in zori pentru ca distractia este garantata si noi iti promitem o seara pe care nu ai sa o uiti asa de usor.

Line up-ul evenimentului:
❐ Alexandru Aprodu [We are Creation!]

❐Alexander Fabyann [High Sounds]


❐a l b. Tudor [NIGHTnoise]

Organizatorii isi rezerva dreptul de a selecta clientii iar accesul persoanelor sub 16 ani este strict interzis. De altfel este strict interzis accesul in incinta locatiei sub influenta bauturilor alcoolice!

Support your local artists with an unique small fee of 20 lei, thank you!

Parteneri media: IFM Radio, Night Noise, Club 16

♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪ ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪ ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪

Pe Toti Sfintii @ Club 16 | 30 Noiembrie 2018

Daca toata lumea e atat de ocupata, daca tot se pleaca din oras catre munte, noi ne-am decis sa fim hazard si sa ne distram intre prieteni pe frumoasa data de 30.11.
Asadar, ne-am decis sa serbam toti sfintii, pe 30.11 e onomastica tuturor!

Asa cum spune un prieten bun de-al nostru:
“If I let you hear me playing, it means I open my heart for you.”

Cine o sa va gazduiasca? Ei bine, Club 16 desigur, alaturi de:

✪ Main Act: Harsu ✪

✪ Premain: Dennion < Shade Events >

✪ Warm-up & Closing: Tripso & HINO DJ < Rezidentii MoonTech >

Organizatorul isi rezerva dreptul de a selecta clientii! Accesul persoanelor in stare de ebrietate sau care au asupra lor bauturi alcoolice este STRICT INTERZIS! Accesul este permis persoanelor peste 18 ani!

✪ Visuals & Video support by CoArt.
✪ Partener media IFMRadio
✪ Instagram:
✪ Web: <Live Player & More >

Mai multe informatii gasiti pe pagina evenimentului aici
Sursa: Comunicat oficial MoonTech

Uncommon Grounds Birthday Bash | 1 Decembrie @ For Friends

Pe data de 1 decembrie, ne intalnim la For Friends Bar, Bucuresti la un nou eveniment marca Uncommon Grounds unde vom   Pentru ca este o seara speciala, organizatorii au pregatit pentru tine o seara plina cu multi deejay dar si doua incaperi dedicate, astfel in Room1 te vei distra pe beat-urile genului muzical drum and bass, urmand ca in Room 2 sa petrecem pe genul tech-house, minimal.

Asadar, o seara de unde ai ce alege si cand mai adaugam ca la acest eveniment te vei intalni si cu doi rezidenti ai IFM Radio, ai toate motivele sa fii prezent alaturi de noi!

ROOM 1 (Drum And Bass )

✘ Slimy ✘

✘ B-Tone ✘


✘ Hell:SD ✘

✘ Nigel ✘

✘ Cody Reks ✘
//Uncommon Grounds

ROOM 2 (Minimal)

✘ Bog:The ✘

✘ Plus1 ✘

✘ Yandu ✘

✘ Dany.C ✘

Entry Fee: 15RON <<12:00>>20RON
About the venue: indoor / outdoor
➫ Este interzisa intrarea in locatie cu bautura din afara barului.
➫Nu este tolerată sub nicio formă posesia, introducerea sau consumul de substanțe psihoactive/halucinogene.
➫Ne rezervam dreptul de a selecta clientii. Evenimentul se adreseaza persoanelor cu varsta peste 18 ani !

Eveniment recomandat de IFM Radio

The Rooftopper – Indoor Edition @ Cluj Napoca | 14 Decembrie

Get ready to get crazy!!!

Ce, crezi ca daca nu mai e vara, nu se mai pot tine rooftop-uri? Well, cam ai perfecta dreptate! Dar cu totii stim ca rooftop-ul e in interiorul fiecaruia. Asa ca, iti poti pregati outfit-ul de party, pentru ca in 14 decembrie, incepand cu ora 21:00, ne revedem la Rooftopper Indoor Edition!

O locatie noua pentru un party si un chef nebun de a dansa pana dimineata pe ritmuri electronice sunt mix-ul perfect pentru a reveni cu un party caritabil marca Beard Brothers, Gentlemen’s Riders Group si SkillsRecords Label. Evenimentul va avea loc in incinta Campusului USAMV, cladirea Biodiversitatii!


Horace Dan D. (Skills Rec. / Kuukou Records / Delahoya)

Roberth (Skills Rec. / Techno Insiders)

Just D’light (Skills Rec. / Techno Insiders / Mendel Collective)

Liquid (Cyclic)

Dan Medesan (Inset Records)

Men-D (Mendel Collective, Green Martian)

Sonder (Mindfull Matters)

Toate fondurile stranse vor fi folosite pentru a achizitiona o ambulanta de tip C pentru SMURD!!!

Biletele se vor putea achizitiona incepand cu data de 24 octombrie la pretul de 20lei (presale- 400buc) si 30 lei in ziua evenimentului (direct de la locatie).

Mai multe informatii gasesti pe pagina evenimentului aici.

Sursa: Comunicat Oficial Skills Records / Beard Brothers

Eveniment recomandat de IFM Radio

Pe Coclauri Urbane 1.0 at For Friends Bar

Dupa ce ne-am distrat impreuna in aceasta vara, Pe Coclauri, alaturi de foarte multi artisti cunoscuti ai scenei de muzica electronice autohtone, precum si invitati internationali, organizatorii brandului de petreceri Pe Coclauri au decis ca ultimul eveniment pe anul 2018 sub egida ” Pe Coclauri ” sa aibe loc in capitala distractiei unde au loc cele mai tari evenimente cultural artistice ale momentului.

Acest eveniment marcheaza totodata si inceputul seriei de petreceri indoor sub numele Pe Coclauri Urbane, un concept ce isi propune sa aduca in fata publicului cei mai cunoscuti artisti si cu cele mai rapide ascensiuni pe scena muzicii electronice din Romania.

In cadrul primei editii a mai sus amintitei serii de petrecei, ne vom intalni cu trei artisti cunoscuti publicului iar pe unii dintre ei ii asculti in programele realizate la  IFM Radio, dar mai multe detalii puteti gasi din line-up-ul evenimentului dupa cum urmeaza:


◄► BOG.THE ◄►



Accesul persoanelor sub 18 ani este STRICT INTERZIS
Organizatorul evenimentului isi rezerva dreptul de a selecta clientii.
Va recomandam sa nu conduceti in stare de ebrietate, si nu uitati, consumul alcoolului poate dauna grav sanatatii dumneavoastra.

Eveniment realizat de Pe Coclauri in parteneriat cu HighSound Agency si recomandat de IFM Radio.

Pe 23 Noiembrie 2018, ne intalnim cu totii la  For Friends Bar.

Day&Night Recordings presents Horatio at 39/40 Dublin

Un nou eveniment marca  Day&Night Recordings urmeaza sa aibe loc pe data de 9 Noiembrie 2018 in Dublin, iar pentru aceasta editie invitatul special al evenimentului este nimeni altul decat rezidentul IFM Radio Romania si producatorul de muzica Horatio

Avand la activ o cariera prolifica si lansand multe productii apreciate de cei mai in voga artisti ai momentului, munca acestuia este pe deplin rasplatita si iata, ca dupa ce a mixat pentru o perioada lunga de timp in cele mai tari cluburi de muzica electronica din Europa, ne pregatim sa mergem in Dublin, Irlanda pentru a petrece impreuna pe beat-urile antrenante marca Horatio, pentru ca el este invitatul special al binecunoscutului label de muzica Day&Night Recordings la acest eveniment ce face parte dintr-o serie de petreceri avand la baza promovarea culturii muzicale techno!

Line up

– Horatio (Desolat, Natural Rhythm, Viva Music, Circus Recordings, Stereo Productions)

– Andry Cristian ( Day&Night Recordings, Tres14 Music, Hush Recordz)

– Patrick Dandoczi – DJ (Shodan Records, Iberico Techno Label, The Society Recordings)

– Dj Adrian Bilt (Barcelona Beats Records, Quanticman Records)

Biletele pot fi procurate in avans in reteaua Resident Advisor & Eventbrite €10/12/15.
Vineri, 9 Noiembrie de la ora 23.00
Mentionam ca accesul se face doar in baza unui act de identitate.
Noi vom fi acolo!

Sursa: Comunicat Day&Night Recordings

Fabrica de Serotonina presents Techno As You Know It @ For Friends – 19 Oct

Seria de petreceri recomandate de postul nostru de radio continua, si astfel va invitam la Techno As You Know It organizat de catre cei de la Fabrica de Serotonina pe data de 19 octombrie la For Friends bar in Bucuresti. O locatie devenita deja cunoscuta pentru iubitorii genului de muzica techno in Bucuresti si unde ai parte de cele mai tari petreceri cu cei mai buni deejay ai momentului.

La acest eveniment sunt invitati sa mixeze pentru tine

Paul Diez




Plus1 – rezident IFM Radio.

Mai multe informatii privitor la acest eveniment, gasiti si pe pagina de Facebook a evenimentului.

Gianni Firmaio @ Rebel Sunday Grooves by Alberto Cristian

gianni firmaio

Gianni Firmaio vine acum la IFM Radio, ca invitat in emisiuniea lui Alberto Cristian, Rebel Sunday Grooves.

Gianni s-a nascut in Napoli, Italia, in 1990. Productiile sale au fost lansate la mai multe case de discuri, precum: Deeperfect, DonkeyHead & Pornographic Records, ElRow Music, Witty Tunes, Be One.

Muzica sa a fost promovata de artisti mari din industrie printre care Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Leon, Stefano Noferini, Neverdogs, Cristian Varela, Roger Sanchez, Stacey Pullen, Victor Calderone, Dj Simi, Edgar De Ramon, Danilo Vigorito,  Robert Dietz, Nicole Moudaber, Yaya, Matthias Tanzmann si altii.

Gianni a fost si in Romania, in Arad, insa a avut ocazia sa mixeze in cluburi din multe orase europene (Atena, Valencia, Lecco, Milano, Napoli, Londra, Wrexham).

In 2013 si-a deschis propria casa de discuri, numita Mushroom Smile Records, casa de discuri care are sprijinul artistilor de pe sena internationala de Techno Si Tech-House.