christian green in the mix ifm radio
Bog:The entered the music industry with a rich and diverse learning environment. His music was inspired by DJ’s and producers like Derrick Carter, Masters at Work, DJ Sneak, Phil Weeks, Jesse Perez and many more “ house gangsters ” around the world. At the age of 17, he started to go out with his friends at the electronic music events and festivals in town and over the country.
After one year, trying to make a mix on Traktor without any machine mixers, he discovered the ability to produce music. After some mixes posted on social networks, friends told him that he’s mixes sound very good and he has great potential to become a great DJ.
A few years later he buys a Traktor Control S4, joins an event planner and plays at some events in town and some over the country.
At the moment Bog:The is learning the basics in Ableton as he wants to create his own unique raw and heavy bass sounds.