IFM Radio Interviews – Marco Lys

There is no doubt when we say about Marco Lys as being a well known dj and appreciated world wide for his work and talent that inspired many people from Italy and not only.

Recently we’ve had an interview with our resident dj, Marco Lys witch host his monthly radio show Faces here at IFM Radio. We invite you to meet the man behind the desk, what were his hobby’s and many more.

IFM Radio: Hello Marco, we thank you first for the time that you allocated for having this interview and it is a pleasure for us to find you well. How is Italy because we know that you are born and raised in Italy, how do you find you country now after the period of time when, like all of us, were kids? What changed?

Marco Lys: Hi guys, I’m doing great and thanks for having me at IFM radio, it’s a real pleasure. Italy as all countries is always in evolution on local and national scene, for some things in a good way and for others going worst (cuts to the national services, taxes, cities even busier …), but I don’t want to bother you 🙂 Apart that, Italy is a wonderful country it worth a visit, with some of the most important historical monuments, just thinking about Venice, where I’m born, probably the most unique city in the world.

IFM Radio: When did you realise that you wanted to be a dj and producer?
Marco Lys: I was very young, about 15 when I found so attractive to listen to dj’s at the radio and in the club and how they managed the mix between the tracks. At the same time I enjoyed listening to the dance music and was trying to understand how the tracks were made, figuring out the technique behind them.

IFM Radio: Beside the fact that you like to play music for the audience, what else is there that defines Marco Lys the man, tell us a little bit about your hobbies 🙂
Marco Lys: Music is a big part of my life, apart that I really love doing DIY stuff, any kind of work from painting house to dirty my hands with computer hardware. I also do like running and I’m big passionate of break dancing, but not doing it anymore 😀

IFM Radio: Since the fact that you are on the scene for many years, what do you think that matters for a dj to be a good dj?
Marco Lys: For me personally, you have to be a psychologist of the dancefloor, understand what people want to dance and hear in that moment. You have to tell a story when you play, choose the right energy level or choose melodies. But most important thing in my opinion, you have to let the girls dance 😉

IFM Radio: If someone wants to build his own dj carrier what would you recommend first to that person? What skills does she needs to have if she needs some?

Marco Lys: Listen to the other djs on the clubs or internet, it’s important to see the people’s reaction to the tracks. Search for tracks from the past that can make the difference on your sets. Make practice, a good dj must have a good technique. Play my tracks on your dj sets 😉 Be unique and stand for what you want people to experience!

IFM Radio: Can you tell us what do you think about the technology nowdays? Does the technology has big influences over the new productions or do you think that technology only helps a dj to develop his mind in creating music?
Marco Lys: Technology has a fundamental role in making music, I see it in two ways: the first one is the one that speed up the working flow and lower the budget to access to it, in the past you had to spend thousands of Euro to make the same things you can do now (and even better) with less than a tenth of the budget, e.g. sampler, vst instruments and so on. The other side is the creative technology that helps you creating new ideas, e.g. new effects, new tools that helps in developing melodies and so on.

IFM Radio: Where do you think electronic music will lead to in the future?
Marco Lys: This is the hardest question! Not easy to answer if not impossible, what I see is the genres are defining themselves even more.

IFM Radio: How do you find your residency at IFM Radio Romania?
Marco Lys: It’s a great opportunity to share the music I love to play and of course my tracks, I also started speaking on the show which I was not used to and I have to say I really enjoy it!

IFM Radio: We broadcast your monthly radio show Faces here at IFM Radio but we have recieved questions from our listeners asking, why the show is called Faces? Tell us a little bit more about what Faces means please 🙂
Marco Lys: Long story short, few years ago I started making an album where I wanted to show my different sides of music, making tracks that were house, tech house and techno, they were different but at the same time you can recognize my style. So I saw those sides of myself like different faces of music. ‘Faces’ is in fact one of the tracks of my album that you will listen in the complete form on Spotify later this year and for the same reason I called the show with the same name.

IFM Radio: Like everyone of us, we all have plans for the future so that’s why we are a little bit curious to find out what are the future plans for Marco Lys 🙂

Marco Lys: This month I have an EP being released on Yousef’s imprint Circus Recordings. Super happy with all the feedback and support it is getting. Besides that I will release a lot of new stuff the next few months on Subliminal, Circus Recordings, SBJKT and Café del Mar . Also some cool collaborations are coming too!
I have some nice bookings pilled up in Russia, Greece, Bali and this summer you can catch me a few time at Blue Marlin in Ibiza. Really looking forward to the summer!!

IFM Radio: If you would like to say something to our listeners, what it will be?

Marco Lys: I really hope to see you all one day dancing with me or follow me at my socials to be updated! But for now enjoy my show here at IFMRadio!

IFM Radio: We thank you for you time Marco, and we are looking forward for you next radio show. Untill then, kind regards and all the best we wish you.

Marco Lys: Thank you and keep in touch!

Top 20 IFM Radio

Cand vorbim despre un clasament muzical, de cele mai multe ori facem referire la cele mai bune 20 de melodii difuzate. Cele mai multe posturi de radio urmeaza acea linie conventionala si clasica de a realiza si prezenta saptamanal cele mai bune 20 de melodii, ori aici la IFM Radio acest top o sa fie un pic mai altfel. Spunem aceasta deoarece, TOP 20 urmeaza sa fie transmis o singura data pe luna, in ultima zi de luni a fiecarei luni de la ora 17.00.

De ce se transmite acest top o singura data pe luna este probabil una din intrebarile multora dintre voi, si pentru a putea afla cele mai bune raspunsuri despre aceasta noua emisiune si ce inseamna TOP 20 la IFM Radio, am stat de vorba cu realizatorul si producatorul acestei emisiuni, Radu Raculescu in cadrul unui interviu acordat recent redactiei postului nostru de radio.

IFM Radio: Salut Radu, in primul rand iti multumim pentru faptul ca ai gasit timp pentru a ne acorda acest interviu dat fiind faptul ca esti prins in multe activitati.

Radu Raculescu: Salut, ai dreptate in aceasta privinta, timpul reprezinta una din marile probleme atunci cand trebuie sa rezolvam cat mai multe lucruri.

IFM Radio: Stim ca tu te ocupi de foarte multe lucruri la radio si tocmai de aceea am dori sa stim in primul rand, cum si de ce ai ales sa produci top-ul radioului?

Radu Raculescu: Corect, ma numar printre persoanele care fac multe aici la radio si pentru radio, alaturi de Iohan Florin, Bogdan Cristian si Nicoleta Stoican si pentru ca nu sunt singur in cadrul acestei echipe, avand si o experienta in domeniu de foarte multi ani si pentru ca imi era oarecum dor de radio, am ajuns la concluzia ca pot realiza acest top. Pentru a raspunde la a doua intrebare am sa ma rezum in a spune doar ca orice post de radio profesionist prezinta cele mai bune 20 de piese in cadrul unui asemenea top, iar noi, nu puteam sa facem abstractie de acest lucru care de altfel, este foarte important in legatura noastra cu publicul ce ne asculta programele zilnic.

IFM Radio: De ce ati ales ca acest top sa fie realizat si difuzat o singura data pe luna?

Radu Raculescu: Ei bine, aici avem o mica mare nelamurire. In opinia mea cred si consider ca top-ul trebuie sa reprezinte ceva cu totul aparte, acel loc unde ai parte sa asculti cele mai bune 20 piese difuzate la radio corect?

IFM Radio: Da!

Radu Raculescu: Tocmai pentru ca vorbim despre cele mai bune 20 melodii difuzate pe radio, este binecunoscut faptul ca in decursul a unei saptamani de zile, nu se lanseaza pe piata atat de multe melodii astfel incat sa poata fi timp suficient pentru a fi difuzate si ulterior compilate in cadrul unui top. De aceea, am ales ca Top 20 IFM Radio sa fie difuzat o singura data pe luna, unde noi vom prezenta cele mai bune 20 piese ale lunii difuzate pe radio.

IFM Radio: Trebuie sa mentionam faptul ca este ceva ce diferentiaza postul de radio IFM fata de celelalte posturi. Crezi ca publicul o sa fie incantat de acest lucru?

Radu Raculescu: Eu sper ca cei ce ne asculta sa fie nu doar incantati, dar sa fie si bucurosi pentru ca astfel vor avea parte de a nu mai fi agasati cu melodii repetate pe radio in cadrul unui top. De cate ori atunci cand noi ascultam un post de radio, si se difuzeaza un top, auzim aproape mereu aceleasi melodii? De foarte multe ori spun eu si diferenta o face doar acele new entry-uri si pozitia in clasament, care clasament, cine il decide?

IFM Radio: Ai in plan ceva in legatura cu acest clasament? Sa intelegem de la tine ca publicul o sa poata efectiv decide intr-un fel clasamentul acestui top?

Radu Raculescu: Cine este mai important pentru noi daca nu publicul ascultator? Corect, vom implementa un sistem pe site-ul in cadrul caruia, publicul poate sa intre si sa vada propunerile pentru Top 20 urmand ca fiecare melodie din acele piese prezentate sa poata fi votata. Efectiv, votul o sa fie cel ce o sa fie la baza realizarii acestui top!

IFM Radio: Asta este un lucru inovator si bun spunem noi.

Radu Raculescu: In opinia mea, acest post de radio, fara ascultatori, fara prietenii de pe platformele de socializare care ne sustin munca, nu ar exista. Ce alta cale de a le multumi am putea noi sa le oferim daca nu aceea de a putea participa efectiv la ceea ce noi facem?

IFM Radio: Cand urmeaza sa fie difuzata prima editie a emisiunii?

Radu Raculescu: Ne vom intalni cu Top 20 in ultima zi de luni a lunii Aprilie, urmand ca urmatoarea editie sa fie difuzata, in ultima zi de luni din Mai de la ora 17.00.

IFM Radio: Asteptam cu nerabdare prima editie a emisiunii Radu, si pana atunci iti multumim pentru timpul acordat.

Radu Raculescu: Va multumesc si eu pentru ca ati reusit sa ma prindeti pentru a putea sta un pic de vorba cu voi si astfel sa pot transmite un mesaj publicului ascultator al IFM Radio in legatura cu aceasta noua emisiune. Sper si imi doresc ca publicul sa ramana in continuare alaturi de noi si programele radioului pentru ca tot ceea ce noi facem, facem pentru ei din dorinta de a oferi calitate, profesionalism si bineinteles, o stare de bine. Nu degeaba avem sloganul radioului: We Play, You Dance! Pe curand prieteni!

Farshad Kay – Interview

 Hello Farshad, thank you for the time that you give us to have this interview wich will be a great oportunity for our listeners to know much more about, who Farshad Kay is. We know that you are born in Iran and because of that we would like totell us a little bit about how you discover electronic music in Iran?

I moved from Iran when I was 12 years old. In that time there was no electronic music, the only music you would hear was Iranian music with sitars and tablas. After I moved to the Netherlands I start to listen to electronic music and artist like artists like TheProdigy, Moby, Quazar and Masters At Work to name a few.  I really loved the energy in this style of music, which was uplifting and hypnotizing at the same time.

2.     When did you realize that you want to make music and starting to make your name known in this industry?

It was during a school party where I saw a dj playing for the firsttime. I was hooked by the way he was making the crowd dance andshout. I remember that I stood in the dj booth all night longwatching the guy playing music, scratching and MC-ing while the kids where jumping up and down and screaming for more. I knew from that moment that this was my future path. Making people dance!

3.  What can you say about the actual electronic music? Where do you think that this industry will lead to?

I think electronic music has never been that popular as now. You can hear it on any radio station and look at the numerous of electronic festivals which are getting more organized every year. Besides you can see that after the EDM blew up, there was a need for a subculture. And techno is the perfect opposite answer to EDM. In my opinion techno will become more mainstream accepted. 

4. You are now based in Holland and we would like to know what made you take that call to move there?

As a young boy I was dreaming to become dentist. Like now there is a lot of oppression internally and internationally, not the best place to grow up and have big dreams.  I was blessed that my aunt was living in the Netherlands and gave me the opportunity to come and live with her and fulfill my dream to become a dentist. Moving to Amsterdam gave me so much more dreams that I ended up playing and making music.

5.  Can you please tell us what skills does a dj need to have to be a successfully dj?

You need to have a very good selection of music and a good timing for beat matching. Having knowledge of effects on the mixer en how to use it during your set is very important. It’s not only about mixing two records together, it’s about telling story with your music and taking the crowd into a journey. 

6. Do you think that technology has some influences over the dj’s?

Yes,it certainly has a big influence. We have seen how we switched from vinyl to CD and now to MP3. When I started, you only had tone control for the high, mid and low frequencies on your mixer. Nowadays a mixer is full of effects, which you can use to make your set even more exciting and create new things with the songs you mix. If you look at it like this, you can’t admit the importance of technological development for us.

 7. You know that many people want to be dj now, what can you tell them when it comes to be a good dj?

In my opinion, as a DJ you are there to satisfy the audience and connect with them. Take them on a musical journey, but most of all, make suret hat your are having FUN! Make sure that you are well prepared when you go out to play. Know your tracks inside out, create playlists and make sure you know which tracks fit together well.  Try to surprise the audience by that gem which rocks the place,but no one has! This means crate digging and finding your own unique style and create your own identity as a DJ.

8. How do you feel to have your radio show broadcasted at IFM Radio Romania?

I’m honored that you guys gave me this opportunity, where I can present my view of techno on your station. I’m looking forward to my first show in February and hope that the listeners will enjoy it too. 

9. Any future plans?

In the beginning of 2019 I will have two releases out on Shibiza Recordings, which are more melodic driven techno. Of course I will present them in my future shows here with you! Some new collaboration with the Italian dj/producer Torgue will be created. We both have our own unique style. Imagine deep dark driven beats combined with warm melodic melodies. 

Besides I’m organizing some events in Amsterdam. Of course around ADE my yearly event Aquatone will return and my new concept Mayhem will see the day of light in summer 2019 on some various location in and around Amsterdam. 

Thank you Farshad and we look forward to listen your first episode of your radio show Aquatone here at IFM Radio from february 2019.

Pleasure all mine and looking forward to start in this great aventure with you guys! 

We are Creation Showcase at Club 16 | 15 Decembrie 2018

Se spune despre luna Decembrie ca este luna cadourilor, si aici suntem de acord cu voi. Astfel, prietenii de la We are Creation au un cadou muzical pentru voi, pe data de 15 decembrie 2018 la Club16, Bucuresti. Luand parte la acest eveniment, nu doar ca te vei distra pe cele mai cool beat-uri muzicale ale artistilor invitati, dar vei avea ocazia sa petreci pana in zori pentru ca distractia este garantata si noi iti promitem o seara pe care nu ai sa o uiti asa de usor.

Line up-ul evenimentului:
❐ Alexandru Aprodu [We are Creation!]

❐Alexander Fabyann [High Sounds]


❐a l b. Tudor [NIGHTnoise]

Organizatorii isi rezerva dreptul de a selecta clientii iar accesul persoanelor sub 16 ani este strict interzis. De altfel este strict interzis accesul in incinta locatiei sub influenta bauturilor alcoolice!

Support your local artists with an unique small fee of 20 lei, thank you!

Parteneri media: IFM Radio, Night Noise, Club 16

♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪ ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪ ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪

Fabrica de Serotonina presents Techno As You Know It @ For Friends – 19 Oct

Seria de petreceri recomandate de postul nostru de radio continua, si astfel va invitam la Techno As You Know It organizat de catre cei de la Fabrica de Serotonina pe data de 19 octombrie la For Friends bar in Bucuresti. O locatie devenita deja cunoscuta pentru iubitorii genului de muzica techno in Bucuresti si unde ai parte de cele mai tari petreceri cu cei mai buni deejay ai momentului.

La acest eveniment sunt invitati sa mixeze pentru tine

Paul Diez




Plus1 – rezident IFM Radio.

Mai multe informatii privitor la acest eveniment, gasiti si pe pagina de Facebook a evenimentului.

Let’s Make Mondays Great Again by Filtrack

Filtrack IFM Radio Show

A venit momentul sa va pezentam un nou membru al echipei noastre: Filtrack.

S-a nascut pe 25 Octombrie 1995 si si-a descoperit pasiunea pentru muzica de la o varsta foarte frageda. Filtrack este producator si DJ de muzica techno, iar primul pas important din cariera sa a fost pe 15 aprilie 2015, cand a avut placerea sa imparta pupitrul cu bine cunoscutul DJ James Zabiela in Bacau. Dupa acest eveniment, mai mult de un an de zile a mixat in cadrul evenimentelor RaveOlution din acelasi oras.

Al doilea pas important a fost participarea la prima editie a premiilor High Sounds, unde a castigat un loc in agentie, impreuna cu locul 1. De atunci, noiembrie 2017, a impartit pupitrul cu numerosi artisti precum: Alex Mine, Mahony, Groovetique, Alex Rise, Alberto Cristian, EdiP, CR15TINA, Mirror States, Mircea Ivan si Cosmin Horatiu.

In aprilie 2018 Filtrack a avut primul sau gig international in Varna, Bulgaria, iar pe data de 11 mai a mixat alaturi de Paride Saraceni si Carlo Lio in Bucuresti.

Filtrack, prin starea sa permanenta de buna dispozitie si muzica plina de energie, este pregatit sa faca lumea un loc mai bun, stilul sau fiind inspirat de mari artisti de pe scena internationala. Printre preferatii sai se numara Adam Beyer, Dubfire si Richie Hawtin.

Acum Filtrack vine la IFM Radio si il poti urmari in fiecare luni, de la ora 21:00 in emisiunea “Let’s Make Mondays Great Again!”.

Pe FIltrack il puteti gasi AICI  si AICI.

Colors of the Sound by Lee Anju

Lee Anju IFM Radio

Lee Anju, sau Iulian Zaharia, pe numele sau real, s-a nascut in 1989 in Buzau si a dezvoltat, de la o varsta frageda, o pasiune puternica pentru muzica.

De atunci, a inceput calatoria lui in a explora diferite genuri si subgenuri muzicale, in special cele  apartinand muzicii electronice.

In prezent, Lee Anju este membru al agentiei High Sounds si rezident al evenimentelor organizate de catre acestia.

De asemenea, el este membru al duo-ului Phantom & Julian, primul sau proiect muzical. Recent, Iulian a pus bazele proiectului sau solo, Lee Anju, si ne promite ca pasiunea lui pentru muzica ii ofera destula energie pentru a ne incanta si oferi surprize muzicale mult timp de acum incolo.

“De mic copil, am fost fascinat de sunetele muzicii electronice, dance & disco in anii 90′, apoi pentru mine au urmat: acid house, deep house, techno, detroit techno, trance, progressive, minimal, tech-house si toate subgenurile lor. De asemenea am ascultat si am fost inspirat de alte genuri muzicale, inclusiv muzica clasica. Mi-am ales rolul de a fi un selector dedicat si pasionat al muzicii si sunetelor care ma inspira, imi ofera un vibe pozitiv si care practic mi-au influentat foarte mult toti pasii facuti pana in prezent, atat in cariera, cat si in viata de zi cu zi. Sunt un visator, iar visul meu este sa impart dragostea mea pentru muzica, cu voi. Asa a venit ideea pentru show-ul Colors of the Sound. Va invit sa pasim alaturi in aceasta calatorie minunanta al sunetelor colorate, pace a mintii, beatitudine si bucurie a inimii”

Alberto Cristian – Rebel Sunday Grooves #2

gianluca rattalino alberto cristian ifm radio podcast radio show

Asa cum va spuneam in ultimul articol, Alberto Cristian are multe suprize pentru ascultatorii sai, asteptand numerosi invitati in emisiunile care vor urma. Dupa ce saptamana trecuta Alberto l-a adus pe David Zor la IFM Radio, saptamana aceasta invitatul sau va fi Gianluca Rattalino.

Gianluca Rattalino, la numai 24 de ani, a ajuns deja sa cucereasca inimile artistilor mari precum Marco Carola, Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Jamie Jones, Loco Dice, Latun, Frații Martinez, Solardo, acestia declarandu-si sustinerea pentru productiile sale, incepute la frageda varsta de 17 ani. Iar asta nu e tot! Gianluca s-a indragostit de muzica electronica in jurul varstei de 10 ani, fiind influentat de artisti internationali precum Luciano, Sven Vath si Ricardo Villalobos.

Anul acesta, Gianluca are o piesa selectata pe un VA realizat de catre Chus  & Ceballos. Piesa este realizata printr-o colaborare cu GruuvElement’s si o poti asculta aici:

Va asteptam deci, duminica de la ora 20:00 online, pe IFM Radio, pentru o incursiune in lumea ritmurilor electronice sosite direct din Italia.

Techno Party Mogosoaia

Techno Party Mogosoaia High Sounds IFM Radio

13-14 octombrie! Aceasta este data la care nu trebuie sa iti faci niciun plan! Daca esti un impatimit al muzicii techno, acum ai ocazia sa intalnesti artisti ai marelor case de discuri precum Drumcode si SCI+TEC!

Wehbba, Alex Mine, Boxia si Mason Maynard vor fi alaturi de artistii High Sounds pe 13-14 Octombrie la Mogosoaia si va vor oferi clipe de neuitat! Mai mult decat atat, pe line-up vor fi prezenti si membri ai echipei IFM Radio, dintre care: Christian Green, Alberto Cristian si cei mai noi dintre acestia: Alexander Fabyann, Filtrack si Lee Anju. Toate acestea in mijlocul naturii. Asa ca hai sa mai tragem putin de vara si sa ne bucuram pe cea mai buna muzica techno!


Wehbba este unul dintre primii producatori de muzica electronica rasariti din Brazilia, imbratisat de unele dintre cele mai respectate case de discuri din industrie, la nivel mondial. Wehbba s-a mutat in Barcelona din anul 2015, iar de atunci apare constant ca producator pentru Drumcode, Soma, Bedrock, Knee Deep In Sound si Tronic.

Alex Mine

Dubfire noteaza despe Alex Mine ca este “unul dintre cei mai consecventi artisti” pe care i-a intalnit. Nu multi producatori noi pot atrage imediat atentia celor mai mari vedete techno. Alex Mine este un exemplu clar ca tinerii talentati pot reusi. A iesit din scena clubului italian subteran pentru a deveni unul dintre cei mai buni artisti din scena techno.


Boxia este un cunoscut creator de muzica electronica frumoasa, nuantata si, in cele din urma, foarte puternica. Boxia s-a desprins din multime cu cateva EP-uri in 2015 si 2016, inclusiv primul sau album “Revolution” scos la Drumcode. Inceputul anului 2017 a insemnat debutul sau “Color Sequence” pentru We Are The Brave, brandul lui Alan Fitzpatrick, care a atras laude de la Mixmag (“acest nou produs de la Boxia – un artist cu multa promisiune – este ceea ce doctorul techno a comandat”).

Mason Maynard

Cu o scena foarte vasta in Manchester, exista cativa tineri artisti emergenti care au asigurat suportul unora dintre cele mai mari nume din industrie, cum ar fi Mason. Doar la varsta de 22 de ani, Mason a inceput deja sa construiasca un nume pentru el insusi, numit “unul de urmarit” de Monki & Solardo de la BBC Radio 1. Cu o astfel de incredere in capacitatea lui Mason, el a devenit repede rezidentul Sessions, mixand in unele dintre cele mai respectate cluburi, cum ar fi The Warehouse Project, Leeds Festival, Stealth Nottingham, Switch Southampton si multe altele.

Biletele se pot achizitiona de AICI! Mai ai putin timp ca sa iti procuri biletul early bird. Grabeste-te!

IFM Radio Guest Mix

IFM Radio a deschis secţiunea GUEST MIX, pentru dj-ul din tine, în fiecare Duminică, între orele 20:00 – 21:00.

Pentru a putea face parte dintre cei care se vor auzi la IFM Radio, te rugăm să ai în vedere următoarele:

  • Emisiunile vor fi trimise prin EMAIL: şi vor avea obligatoriu următoarele coordonate tehnice: 44.1 Mhz, 320 kbps, radio friendly, dinamic, tranziţii corecte;
  • Genuri muzicale acceptate: Trance, Techno, Deep Tech, Tech House, Deep house;
  • Vor fi acceptate numai mix-uri dedicate şi nepublicate;
  • Mix-urile selecţionate vor fi insotite de un articol pe site (ulterior publicat pe pagina de Facebook a radioului) cât şi de publicarea lor pe Mixcloud;
  • Mixul trebuie să fie însoţit de un tracklist în corpul e-mail-ului;
  • Nu uita să ne transmiţi toate canalele prin care ascultătorii te pot urmări (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Instagram etc.)!

Acestea fiind spuse, aşteptăm cu drag să ne transmiţi mix-ul tău!