IFM Radio Interviews – Marco Lys

There is no doubt when we say about Marco Lys as being a well known dj and appreciated world wide for his work and talent that inspired many people from Italy and not only.

Recently we’ve had an interview with our resident dj, Marco Lys witch host his monthly radio show Faces here at IFM Radio. We invite you to meet the man behind the desk, what were his hobby’s and many more.

IFM Radio: Hello Marco, we thank you first for the time that you allocated for having this interview and it is a pleasure for us to find you well. How is Italy because we know that you are born and raised in Italy, how do you find you country now after the period of time when, like all of us, were kids? What changed?

Marco Lys: Hi guys, I’m doing great and thanks for having me at IFM radio, it’s a real pleasure. Italy as all countries is always in evolution on local and national scene, for some things in a good way and for others going worst (cuts to the national services, taxes, cities even busier …), but I don’t want to bother you 🙂 Apart that, Italy is a wonderful country it worth a visit, with some of the most important historical monuments, just thinking about Venice, where I’m born, probably the most unique city in the world.

IFM Radio: When did you realise that you wanted to be a dj and producer?
Marco Lys: I was very young, about 15 when I found so attractive to listen to dj’s at the radio and in the club and how they managed the mix between the tracks. At the same time I enjoyed listening to the dance music and was trying to understand how the tracks were made, figuring out the technique behind them.

IFM Radio: Beside the fact that you like to play music for the audience, what else is there that defines Marco Lys the man, tell us a little bit about your hobbies 🙂
Marco Lys: Music is a big part of my life, apart that I really love doing DIY stuff, any kind of work from painting house to dirty my hands with computer hardware. I also do like running and I’m big passionate of break dancing, but not doing it anymore 😀

IFM Radio: Since the fact that you are on the scene for many years, what do you think that matters for a dj to be a good dj?
Marco Lys: For me personally, you have to be a psychologist of the dancefloor, understand what people want to dance and hear in that moment. You have to tell a story when you play, choose the right energy level or choose melodies. But most important thing in my opinion, you have to let the girls dance 😉

IFM Radio: If someone wants to build his own dj carrier what would you recommend first to that person? What skills does she needs to have if she needs some?

Marco Lys: Listen to the other djs on the clubs or internet, it’s important to see the people’s reaction to the tracks. Search for tracks from the past that can make the difference on your sets. Make practice, a good dj must have a good technique. Play my tracks on your dj sets 😉 Be unique and stand for what you want people to experience!

IFM Radio: Can you tell us what do you think about the technology nowdays? Does the technology has big influences over the new productions or do you think that technology only helps a dj to develop his mind in creating music?
Marco Lys: Technology has a fundamental role in making music, I see it in two ways: the first one is the one that speed up the working flow and lower the budget to access to it, in the past you had to spend thousands of Euro to make the same things you can do now (and even better) with less than a tenth of the budget, e.g. sampler, vst instruments and so on. The other side is the creative technology that helps you creating new ideas, e.g. new effects, new tools that helps in developing melodies and so on.

IFM Radio: Where do you think electronic music will lead to in the future?
Marco Lys: This is the hardest question! Not easy to answer if not impossible, what I see is the genres are defining themselves even more.

IFM Radio: How do you find your residency at IFM Radio Romania?
Marco Lys: It’s a great opportunity to share the music I love to play and of course my tracks, I also started speaking on the show which I was not used to and I have to say I really enjoy it!

IFM Radio: We broadcast your monthly radio show Faces here at IFM Radio but we have recieved questions from our listeners asking, why the show is called Faces? Tell us a little bit more about what Faces means please 🙂
Marco Lys: Long story short, few years ago I started making an album where I wanted to show my different sides of music, making tracks that were house, tech house and techno, they were different but at the same time you can recognize my style. So I saw those sides of myself like different faces of music. ‘Faces’ is in fact one of the tracks of my album that you will listen in the complete form on Spotify later this year and for the same reason I called the show with the same name.

IFM Radio: Like everyone of us, we all have plans for the future so that’s why we are a little bit curious to find out what are the future plans for Marco Lys 🙂

Marco Lys: This month I have an EP being released on Yousef’s imprint Circus Recordings. Super happy with all the feedback and support it is getting. Besides that I will release a lot of new stuff the next few months on Subliminal, Circus Recordings, SBJKT and Café del Mar . Also some cool collaborations are coming too!
I have some nice bookings pilled up in Russia, Greece, Bali and this summer you can catch me a few time at Blue Marlin in Ibiza. Really looking forward to the summer!!

IFM Radio: If you would like to say something to our listeners, what it will be?

Marco Lys: I really hope to see you all one day dancing with me or follow me at my socials to be updated! But for now enjoy my show here at IFMRadio!

IFM Radio: We thank you for you time Marco, and we are looking forward for you next radio show. Untill then, kind regards and all the best we wish you.

Marco Lys: Thank you and keep in touch!